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NORFLO DAYLIGHT Installation Services Solarspot approved installer Solarspot COST EFFECTIVE Solutions for you! Solarspot approved installer Solarspot MINIMAL DISRUPTION And all work guaranteed! Solarspot approved installer Solarspot HASSLE FREE Efficient Installation. Solarspot approved installer Solarspot

See how much more light a Solarspot® light pipe can deliver...

Norflo Daylight Services

Norflo Daylight are fitters of solarspot light pipes

Norflo Installation Services

A complete and simple installation service.

Solarspot Daylight Systems installer

Solarspot Daylighting Systems

The world’s brightest tubular skylight.

Solarspot SunRise solar ventillation

SolarAir Solar Powered Attic Ventilation

Cooling your loft-conversion or chalet bungalow.

Cost of a D-25 Solarspot 1m length is £342.

A typical installation starts from £299.

This Solarspot D25 has changed my dark windowless bathroom into a nice bright place to be.

Mrs H – Hants
Rating: 5

What a difference the Solarspot has made to my bungalow… my home is flooded with daylight.

Mrs L – Letchworth
Rating: 5

We have just installed our third sun tube, this time in a new windowless shower room.

Nigel Cook
Rating: 5

You can trust Norflo Daylight Services Ltd to provide you with a hassle-free, quality and efficient installation. Norflo carries out both commercial and residential installations and is now one of the most experienced installers of Solarspot® Daylighting Systems.

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