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About Norflo services, residential fitting of light pipes

About Norflo Services Ltd – established in 2003 by Andrew Booton

The company was initially set up to undertake property maintenance – specifically the jobs which larger companies considered to be too small to bother with. This was a very successful move. In 2005 Andrew became aware of tubular daylight systems which help to brighten dark rooms where there is no natural daylight, it was then he decided to offer a sun pipe installation service. He installed a sun tube in his own home after previously having a hall extension built in 2000 which did not have any natural daylight. The effect was unbelievable, transforming a very dark hall, stairs and landing into a bright area of the house even on those dull dark days.

He was so impressed with the end result he decided that it was a product he wanted to get more involved with. Over the last seven years, Norflo Services have installed a variety of tubular daylight systems, making the company one of the major installers in the West Midlands area.

Whilst Norflo Services still undertakes property maintenance the majority of contracts are supply and installation of tubular daylighting systems and more recently the Clement conservation roof light system, where the circumstances need a more traditional approach.

In 2012, Norflo Sevices Ltd were approached by Syneco limited, the UK distributor for Solarspot daylighting systems to cover the Birmingham and West Midlands area. Being familiar with all of the systems, the advantages of the Solarspot system quickly became apparent to Andrew.

Norflo Services carries out both commercial and residential installations and is now one of Solarspots® premier installers. Andrew prides his company on the end product but also the installation process, and as can be seen by the testimonials from customers they are very complimentary on the care and attention taken in each installation.

Andrew looking at a Bright Landing

“I’d always thought that the Sunpipe and Solatube systems were pretty good but when I saw the testing from the BRE I quickly realised that Solarspot system was the clear performance leader.”
Andrew Booton

The typical installed length is 1.2m which would cost £456 inc VAT for a D25 Solarspot.

Ideal for:

  • Landings
  • Halls
  • Ensuite bathrooms

For a D38 £516 inc VAT. Normal Installation cost £299 inc VAT and takes less than a day.

Ideal for:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms
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