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Brighter School equals Brighter Children with Solarspot

It is scientifically proven that natural daylight makes us thrive. It makes us happier and more alert. So being cooped up in small rooms with very little or no natural daylight has the opposite affect. This is why many people who work in large office blocks that sit in rooms that have to be lit all day long tend to suffer more headaches! But it is not just office workers that have to suffer these conditions our children are often subjected to the same during their time at school.

solarspot adds more light to dark classroomsThere is a solution natural daylight tubes will bring the light into rooms that would not normally benefit from the outside light. The difference with the natural light is that is not a constant brightness. The slight variants in brightness help with concentration levels. Even rooms in the middle of the building or underground can utilise these systems.

The other huge benefit is the electricity saving not to mention the reduction in each schools carbon foot print. Newly developed and schools undergoing refurbishment should look at installing a natural daylight system.

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