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Don’t be SAD See The natural benefits from natural lighting

It’s quite amazing how a bit of sunshine lifts everyone’s spirits and puts people in a good mood. There are many natural benefits to using a sun tube or light tunnel. Not only do they breathe natural light into those once dark and windowless rooms they provide us with more energy too. Recent research has shown that daylight improves our overall sense of well being whilst also increasing a person’s productivity at work and within the home. Students perform better and because a sun pipe provides a full spectrum of light it makes it easier to read and causes less eye strain unlike light bulbs and fluorescent lighting found in many education establishments.

Solarspot D38 installed into a living room
D38 Solarspot System fitted into a living room

Sunlight has also been proven in a study conducted by the Baker Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia in 2002 to make our brains produce more sertonin which is a mood lifting chemical. This assisted in reinforcing that SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a condition that affects people during the dark and long days during Winter is linked to a lack of sunlight and lower serotonin levels. The disorder causes fatigue and depression is linked

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