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Solarspot natural daylight sun pipes installed in the Midlands

Solarspot natural daylight sun pipes installed in Birmingham and the Midlands are the most efficient systems on the market, more and more homes in and around the Midlands area with dark hallways,kitchens,living rooms,dining rooms are now feeling the benefit of sun pipes,sun tunnels,sun tubes. The Solarspot tubular daylight system brings natural daylight light into tired and dull spaces banishing those winter blues. Natural sunlight makes us feel better so invest in your future well-being and give Norflo Daylight or Syneco a call today to discuss your installation. Even when fitted on the north side of the roof Solarspot light tubes deliver impressive levels of natural light into dark rooms saving on electricity costs- your reading lamp can now be turned off during the day!

Before and after photo of a Solarspot D25 Tubular Daylight System
Solarspot D25 sunpipe fitted into a Shower room. Before and after.
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