Look what Solarspot can do for you home

If you want more natural light in your home, but you either don’t have space or positioning for a window or you simply don’t want another one, then a Solarspot Daylighting System is the natural way to go. No other system will deliver as much natural light! Using light capturing technology, Solarspot funnels light in […]

Why Solarspot domes don’t yellow

Most UK suppliers of use polycarbonate or glass for their domes or inlet points. Polycarbonate is in-expensive, easy to mould and very strong, unfortunately it tends to go yellow and cloudy when exposed to UV. Glass will always maintain a reasonably clarity but needs to be quite think to have the necessary strength. Solarspot systems […]

Why there’s no condensation in Solarspot systems

Condensation is a natural consequence of cold air meeting warmer air that has any moisture content. Any condensation that forms in the dome of a Solarspot system is prevented from entering the main body of the tube by the Convas lens located between the top of the tube and the dome. Any condensation that does […]

Solarspot Brightens that Dark Hall, Stairway and Landing

Solarspot brightens dark and dimly lit spaces of your home Solarspot brightens areas of your home that either by design or evolution was the lost and forgotten zone. No windows or natural light in your hall, on the stairs or landing results in a dark and dimly lit space that constantly has the light turned […]

Don’t be SAD See The natural benefits from natural lighting

It’s quite amazing how a bit of sunshine lifts everyone’s spirits and puts people in a good mood. There are many natural benefits to using a sun tube or light tunnel. Not only do they breathe natural light into those once dark and windowless rooms they provide us with more energy too. Recent research has […]

Solarspot natural daylight sun pipes installed in the Midlands

Solarspot natural daylight sun pipes installed in Birmingham and the Midlands are the most efficient systems on the market, more and more homes in and around the Midlands area with dark hallways,kitchens,living rooms,dining rooms are now feeling the benefit of sun pipes,sun tunnels,sun tubes. The Solarspot tubular daylight system brings natural daylight light into tired […]

Brighter School equals Brighter Children with Solarspot

It is scientifically proven that natural daylight makes us thrive. It makes us happier and more alert. So being cooped up in small rooms with very little or no natural daylight has the opposite affect. This is why many people who work in large office blocks that sit in rooms that have to be lit […]

Norflo professional installations

  We would always recommend to have any of the systems installed by a professionally qualified person however, Norflo Services can tailor a solution to meet your needs. Supply Only We would always recommend to have any of the systems installed by a professionally qualified person however Norlfo Services can tailor a solution to meet […]