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Norflo fit sun tunnels to flat roofs

Solarspot – the brightest sun pipe in the world

More light for your home with Solarspot®

Nothing lights up a home like a Solarspot and that’s a fact. The advanced technologies and patented design ensure the Solarspot systems delivery the maximum of light possible is delivered to dark or windowless areas of your home. But don’t just take our word for it. In recent tests carried out by the world renowned BRE, they demonstrated beyong doubt that, size-for-size, no other system comes close to the light delivery of a Solarspot, adding light and value to your home.

Selecting the right Solarspot for your home

Solarspot systems come in a variety of sizes from 250mm diameter right up to the massive 900mm warehouse unit. However, for the average home the 250 and 375mm diameter units are normally perfect for most domestic situations. The size of Solarspot system you need will depend on the room or space that you want to light. For example, a hallway will require less light than a bedroom or bathroom, whereas a kitchen or home office may require more light than a which is predominately used in the evening.

Solarspot D-25 solartube sun pipe system tunnels light into bathroom

Solatube D-25 – 250mm diameter system

At only 250mm in diameter, the Solarspot D-25 is perfect for lighting areas up to around 12 square meters and is the brightest tube light system in the 230-300mm sector. The Solarspot D-25 is the ideally suited for smaller rooms such as bathrooms and en suites as well as landings and internal corridors.

Solarspot D38 installed into a living room

Solarspot D-38 – 375mm diameter system

The larger of the two sizes for residential buildings, the D-38 in the undisputed market leader in the 350-450mm light pipe category. The D-38 is designed to light spaces up to 22 square meters making it perfect for larger rooms like kitchens or living rooms.

Advice and support

Don’t worry if all of this sounds too technical, at Norflo Daylight we can survey your property and advise you on the best system to provide the light levels that you need for your home.

For more information, or to arrange a survey, call us today on 01922 497357 or contact us by email and we’ll get straight back to you.

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