Solarspot D-25

Solarspot D-25 250mm diameter TDS

solarspot D 25 light pipe for dark kitchens

The Solarspot® D-25 daylighting system is the smallest diameter in the range and designed to fit between the closest rafters or joists. Despite being only 250mm (10ins) in diameter it will deliver an astonishing amount of light – up to 50% that of its nearest competitors and at least 10 times more than a larger diameter flexible-duct system.

The Solarspot D-25 is designed to provide daylight for areas up to 12 square meters making it perfect for those areas that are often not able to have windows, en-suites and landings being the obvious examples.

The Solarspot® D-25 is perfect for lighting;

  • Bathrooms and en suites
  • Cloakrooms and shower rooms
  • Corridors and lobbies
  • Landings and hallways
  • Dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes

Bungalow hallways are often left without any source of natural light, leveling them looking gloomy and unwelcoming. The addition of a Solarspot D-25 has transformed this bungalow hallway and now it it feels bright and airy. The unit was fitted in three hours and natural light now floods a the space that was previously dark and unloved.

Solarspot d-25 light pipes bring daylight into bungalow hallway

“I can’t believe the difference the Solarspot has made to my bungalow…
Even on an overcast day, my home is flooded with daylight – I love it!”

Mrs L, Letchworth

Solarspot D-25 sun tunnel in a dark bathroom“This Solarspot D25 has changed my dark windowless bathroom into a nice bright place to be”

Mrs H, Hants