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Best in class for natural light delivery

Brighten larger spaces with the Solarspot® D-38 system is the larger of the two domestic sizes and designed to fit between standard rafters or joists (400mm). At 375mm (15ins) in diameter it will deliver significant levels of daylight for larger residential spaces and small to medium commercial spaces. Due to its exceptional levels of daylight delivery, the Solarspot® D-38 is comparable, if not superior, to systems that have significantly larger diameters.

The Solarspot D-38 can provide enough daylight for spaces up to 22sqm and is the brightest, most efficient sun tunnel system in the 350-450mm catagory. In fact, in tests at the respected BRE the D-38 was proven to deliver around 69% more light than the Solatube 290DS.

View the summary of the BRE test report.

Solarspot® D-38 applications:

  • Bedrooms
  • Wider corridors and hallways
  • Toilet areas and larger bathrooms
  • Kitchens and living rooms
  • Offices and studies
  • Workshops and garages
Solarspot D38 daylight system fitted ino a large landing
D38 Sunpipe fitted into a kitchen in Walsall
Solarspot suntunnel fitted into a Kitchen
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