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Solarspot making a brighter kitchen

Light up your home with Solarspot®

A Solarspot® tubular daylighting system is the ultimate tubular daylight system for your home. Advanced technologies and patented design ensure that the maximum amount of daylight is transferred into the dark or windowless areas of your home. Test at the Building Research Establishment have proven that no other daylighting system comes close to the natural light delivery of a Solarspot.

Choosing the right Solarspot® for your home

The size Solarspot system you require will vary depending on the room or space that you want to light. A typical hallway or landing will require less natural light than a bedroom or bathroom. A kitchen or study may require more natural light than a living room which is predominately used in the evening.

Solartubes for dark landings
Daylight for a dark landing or hallway

A Solarspot® D-25 will normally deliver more than enough daylight for a dark or windowless landing or hallway, illuminating areas of up to 12 sqm. For larger longer corridors multiple Solarspot systems can be installed to provide an even spread of natural light throughout the space.

sun tunnels for dark bathrooms
Lighting an internal bathroom

It’s a fact of life that bathrooms, shower rooms and en suites often end up without a window to bring in natual light. The installation of a Solarspot D-25 will dramatically change such spaces, more often than not providing more daylight than a standard frosted-glass traditional window.

Another option for rooms with limited ceiling space is to combine your Solarspot systems with an integral electric light, for night time use. The integral light unit fits discreetly into the lower section of the tube keeping it clean and dust free.

Light pipes for dark kitchens
Brighten up a dark kitchen

We’re told that he kitchen is the heart of the home. More money is spent on improving or extending kitchens than any other room in the home. And yet this can often result in turning the kitchen into a dark and gloomy space.

When a building is extended, windows are pushed out into the garden, the net result is daylight no longer gets the back of the room, and this is often the case in kitchen extensions. If you suffer from dark-kitchen syndrome, a Solarspot D-38 or two can rescue the situation and allow the daylight to come flooding back in.

Brighten your living room with a solarspot
Bring the light back in to an extended living room

A building can be dark for a variety of reasons; the proximity of over-hanging trees, big, heavy curtains, the addition of a conservatory, will all restrict daylight from a room. The addition of one or more SolarSpot D-38 daylight tubes will not only make up for the lost natural light but often provide even greater natural light levels than previously experienced. Because the light is delivered from above, obstacles like conservatories and curtains do not interfere with the dome on the roof and the light entering the room.

Studies and Workshops

Working from home is now more popular than ever so it’s vital that sufficient natural light is delivered to your home work space. Working in conditions of low, or even non-existent, natural light is proven to be detrimental to efficiency and performance.

For several years now, more enlightened employers have acknowledged the benefits of natural light to the working environment. Working in daylight is proven to reduce eye strain, improve concentration and create a greater sense of well being – all factors that improve your working efficiency and performance. Install Solarspot systems in your study or workshop and reap the benefits of working in natural light will bring.

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